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Pyredoodles (limited quantity) are an intentional cross between a Great Pyrenees and a Standard Poodle. Great Pyrenees were best know for their independent thinking that enables them to be superior protectors of livestock. They are also perfect family dogs...noble, patient, friendly and serene with luxurious thick pure white coats. Unfortunately, they are difficult to train (due to their independence) and they are prolific shedders. 

By crossing the Great Pyrenees to the Poodle, a magnificent, nearly perfect hybrid giant dog is created.

Benefits of Pyredoodles:

1. Coat improvement: the dominant coat of the poodle makes for a non-shedding/hypoallergenic dog,

2. Trainability: the intelligence and careful thinking of a Great Pyrenees mixed with the trainability of a poodle. Pyredoodles are eager to please.

3.Healthy: the hybrid vigor of a Pyredoodle is seen in the longer life. Pyredoodles live 4-5 years longer than the Great Pyrenees with less health issues.

4. Less Barking: Pyredoodles are typically quiet dogs unlike the Great Pyrenees purebred that is known for nearly constant barking.

5. Color variety: Pyredoodles come in a variety of color patterns including black and white, pure white, and parti-colored.

Yorkipoos are our favorite "doodle". Yorkipoos produce less dander than other breeds. These are a cross between a Yorkshire Terrier and a Toy Poodle. They are extremely intelligent, trainable, considerably quieter and affectionate.   They are playful like Yorkies but much calmer.

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