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The Toy Dog Breed

Toy dogs are the smallest breeds. There is no such thing as a "teacup" breed of dog. We do not guarantee that any of our puppies will be under 5 lbs and we advocate for normal healthy dogs that have not been bred carelessly to produce dangerous, unhealthy irregularities.

Yorkshire Terrier

All the terriers are known for their spunk and sass. The Yorkshires (Yorkies) are the smallest of this group. They are  vivacious, loyal and affectionate. We have a preference for the parti-coloring and love the beauty of this dog. Our Yorkies are average weight for the breed, which is around 7 pounds.

Macro photo animal dog Yorkshire terrier


Poodles are an exceptional breed. They are highly intelligent, calm and have non-shedding curly hair. They are good with children, friendly and eager to please. The Toy poodle weighs between 5-7 pounds. Poodles carry the genes for a variety of colors and we have seen black, black and white, grey, chocolate, apricot, white and red.

White Toy Poodle sits on white backgroun

Great Pyrenees: We breed limited litters of pyre-doodles

Great Pyrenees are "majestic" working dogs that also happen to make exceptional family pets. They are extremely gentle and patient, have superior intelligence and are dedicated heroic guardians. They are considered a "giant" breed and typically weigh over 100 pounds with heavy white coats. They shed. A LOT.

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