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F1 Pyredoodle litter born Dec 3, 2022

Our older puppies are vaccinated, potty trained, crate trained and leash trained.

F1b pyredoodles born 4/7/23

Gregory has strong furnishings so is likely to shed very little. His coat is beautifully full and wavy so far. He is calm and curious, shows no fear. He is not overtly demanding but friendly. He will grow to 55-65 pounds. 1900

Sojourner is another calm male and shows a friendly, confident demeanor. He has a curly coat and full furnishings. He will grown to 55-65 pounds. 1900

Violet is the largest female in the litter. She is animated and vocal. She loves attention but is also willing to entertain herself. She has a curly coat and full furnishings. She will be 55-65 pounds. Because she comes from a solid healthy line with no genetic mutations, she is an excellent breeding dog for second generation pyredoodles. She carries parti.


Jagger is similar to his brother, Sojourner is nearly every trait. He is also curly, confident, friendly and with full furnishings. He will grow to 55-65 pounds. 1900

Michael is small puppy with a tuxedo pattern. He was not born smaller, as in the case of a "runt." He just seems to be a smaller version. Some Pyredoodles that start small are simply slow to grow to full size and often do within the first 18 months. Michael seems likely to be a more petite dog. He is friendly, never fearful and he is responsive. His current weight is only 5 pounds. If he remains on this trajectory, he will be a 40-45 pound dog. We cannot guarantee this, however, so his buyer must be willing to adjust. 1900

Lavender is only our second ever black pyredoodle. She has an abstract (mismatched) pattern, which means she has a small patch of white on chin, chest and paw. She has a beautiful wavy coat and excellent structure. She is fully furnished. She is smaller than Violet but still a nice size female and will be 60-65 pounds. She is quiet and stand-offish at first but quickly wams up. She is often the last one in from play time and the most reluctant to stop playing. 


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